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Right Bra. Right Attitude

I received an e-mail last week. From "Right Bra. Right Attitude." with the same subject line. The ad looks nice but I guess the company has not figured the targeted approach yet. My Yahoo! profile has me set as a Male...even then I was the beneficiary of this feel-good campaign. Rather uplifting.
If women can get the right attitude with the right bra...what do men have to wear to stay ahead? It almost unsettled me...without a bra, I am never going to have the right attitude.

"It does not matter if you have the brains, or the is all about the "braw" duude."

But as luck would have it, their tag line made me feel better, "If they only knew what was underneath." I feel much better now, knowing that "they" don't know. I can get by with my plain ol' Jockey vest—I would have looked real silly in A-cups. If not anything else, it would have raised a lot of doubts.