Saturday, October 18, 2008

Visitor from Oslo? You Don't Say!

It was a pleasant surprise! Someone from Oslo visited my blog and returned!
I had added the FEEDJIT widget (it rhymes, even) to my blog. I cannot remember whose blog I had visited when I came upon FJ. All I know is it's a fun widget. Someone from Dubai, searching for "sexy+bras" on Google, ended up on my Right Bra, Right Attitude post! That must have been a let down. I rejoiced on the fact that I may have found a faithful Oslo-nian who likes what I write. Last night I visited my page once again, from my Nokia E51. Apart from Dubai and Texas, Oslo was still there — with 3 returns!
Awesome, I thought. I guess Europeans seem to like my writing more. Ahem! A minute later, it struck me...that wasn't an Oslo-nian visiting my blog. It was no European was ME!
I use Opera Mini to browse the Web on my phone. The browser uses a proxy server, which reformats Web pages requested by the user and makes them suitable to be viewed on smaller screens. The proxy server (as you must have already guessed) is based in Oslo, Norway.
So there you have it. It was me all along — I had not clicked on "Ignore Me" on my FJ widget from Opera Mini. Noone from Oslo after all...Sigh.

I just realised the Dubai searcher I mentioned earlier...did not Google "sexy+bras". It was "saxy+bras"!!


Droomvla said...

lol.... hey, don't be sad. You have a fan from the Netherlands! hahahaha

Aristarkhos said... are much too kind missus. ;)

Peter @ Enviroman said...

Hi Aristakhos,

Thanks for visiting my grandson's blog and leaving a comment at welcome Isaac. Congratulations on becoming a father and convey my best wishes to Isaac s/o Aristakhos from Isaac's grandpa.

Aristarkhos said...

hey peter,
You are most welcome! And thank you for dropping by. :)

Droomvla said...

Yesterday, I saw on news that India sent a spaceship to the moon. Now, that's something to be proud of! Congratulations!!! :)

Aristarkhos said...

i guess. but dont see how it changes anything. its just political. i wish they would use the tax payer's money for more noble causes...

Droomvla said...

Maybe. But being Asian myself, I actually felt proud that there's another Asian spaceship now on the moon.

But you're right. There are so many children in the world, dying of poverty and hunger.

Aristarkhos said...

That's right. I may sound rude...but it would be nice to see the country get its priorities providing electricity, water and education to its kids instead of sucking up to the "developed nations". Build for a better tomorrow, instead of making more holes in the ozone.

Betts said...

I love Feedjit. Then I can tell whether or not, I'm the only one reading my own blog. I saw Mumbai, India on mine. Could that have been you?

Aristarkhos said...

Most definitely me. :)
Thanks for dropping by!
Even the shoutbox is a nice widget. But noone uses it. I am going to ditch it. A failed experiment. :D


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