Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saxy Pictures

I spent an hour at the saloon this weekend. Needed a shave that was long overdue. As the barber went about trimming away my sideburns, my cell phone buzzed. (Answering a call can be quite a pain when you are the barber's.) As soon as I took the call, it got disconnected.
My barber noticed my new Nokia E51 and said (in Hindi), "You have such a phone, means you must have saxy pictures on it."
Still struggling to put the phone into my pocket under the sheet, I asked, "Wha?"
"Saxy pictures...", he replied.
"What's that?", I asked again. (I figured what he was referring to. But I wanted to prod a bit.)
"People keep saxy pictures on their phones. But you don't seem to understand, means you don't keep saxy pictures. Let it be."
I figured he was not going to give any funny descriptions, so I ditched my ignorant look, "Oh! That. No, I don't keep that sort of stuff on my phone."

I did not realize the cellular phone has become more of a saxy picture storage device. I guess that was naive of me to do so. But that question of his still makes my chuckle. His friend had given him a Motorola SLVR L7, which had a couple of Hindi music videos and audio tracks. I guess he was hoping to Bluetooth some from me...


Droomvla said...

The nerd of that barber to assume you have saxy pictures! LOL

Aristarkhos said...


dsniks said...

"Oh! That. No, I don't keep that sort of stuff on my phone."

So where do you keep them bro?

Aristarkhos said...

uhmm, uh...no where. it's all in my bit bucket :op


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