Sunday, December 14, 2008

O Holy Night Instrumental

Yesterday my church had quite a big Christmas program. It was combined with the Children's Sunday program and it makes sense to keep it before everyone takes off on a holiday. The program was open to those who are not believers too, to understand the meaning of christmas. The program included carols sung by kids, a skit and a little dance.
Now, I was asked to look for instrumental versions of some of the carols the kids were going to sing - as accompaniments. All we had were the originals - it is difficult to remove vocals from a soundtrack. My wife was to sing "O Holy Night", so there I was searching for a suitable instrumental for her - not too high, not too low...and I came across this acoustic version. What can I say, it fit perfectly with what she wanted and they are really good! Take some time out and listen to the instrumental version of this lovely song — O Holy Night.


Droomvla said...

If you guys lived across town, I would have come over and accompanied your wife with her "O Holy Night" rendition! hehehehe

Aristarkhos said...

:D That would have been quite nice. she would have liked that.


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