Monday, September 21, 2009

How to Make a Paper Balloon (Water Bomb)

I learned how to make one when I was in school and if you ask me to make one now, I doubt if I will be able to remember how I used to do it. So I did a little searching and found lots of resources. One even expected me to sign up for their pro membership to view larger images of the steps! Forget it.
Thanks to, I will be able to pass on valuable information to my son and the legacy will live on. Bombs away!!!

P.S.: Oh, if you want your project to sound less devious or destructive, you may want to refer to it as an 'Origami Balloon.'


Droomvla said...

Hey, I used to make this too when I was in elementary school! LOL We even make paper lanterns. hehehehe Thanks for sharing this. I am definitely going to try making one again! :)

Aristarkhos said...

Lantern. We made those too, in school. Our craft teacher (I heard she passed away late last year...) taught us to make a little lantern which can be fitted over a little bulb. The lantern had holes in it, which we covered with coloured cellophane.


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