Sunday, June 6, 2010

My 3.5-inch Hard Drive turned out to be a Misfit

Imagine that. I can understand that a 13 year old hard drive (2.1 GB) does not fit into a Zebronics external 3.5-inch hard drive case. But when a 3-year old SATA hard drive cannot fit into it just because of the stiff cables (IDE, SATA and two molex connectors) on the circuit board -- it can be very infuriating. I had to pop off the front panel so that the HDD could slide out a little further to make space.

To top it off, I recently found out the power adapter doesn't seem to have any earthing. The 3-pin power cable from the outlet to the adapter tested alright but from the adapter onwards there is a leak current. Next time I go out to buy something like this, I will take my hard drive along -- along with my trusty tester. (I've also got the photograph upside down...bah!)

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