Thursday, July 24, 2008

Doordarshan TV Serials

This was a complete blast from the past...
I was trying to find the name of a sci-fi TV series on Doordarshan, which featured a half-man-half-robot called Shakti. After lots of googling and some neighbourly advice from my colleague...I reached a Fropper forum.
But it did not have anything on the show I was looking for. I could only vaguely remember watching a Hindi Star Trek imitation every Sunday morning.
"Try Wiki-ing one these shows mentioned in the forum", was another suggestion.

So I Wiki'd Stone Boy. At the bottom of the page, there was a reference link to a list of all the programs aired on DD.

I took some time out to correct a spelling and linking some of the TV shows to their respective Wiki pages. My way of saying, "Thank you!"

Oh and by the by, the sci-fi show I searched high and low for...found it under "S". Ess for Sigma. :)

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