Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kokum Juice on a Hot Day

I have been visiting a place near Dadar station for the past two weeks now. Each time I made my friend take me to a restaurant called "Mama Kane".
Mama Kane is a Maharashtrian joint, really old, I am not sure how old but by the feel of the place, I am certain it is over 50 years old. It is well known for its batata wada (colloquial for potato chops).
I spotted thalipeeth on the menu while my friend waxed eloquently about the kothambir wadey. They were delicious! We agreed that ever Saturday we will share a meal at Mama Kane.
Last week when we were at Mama Kane, I chanced upon Kokum Sharbat/Juice. It's been years since I have had Kokum juice. The first time I was made to taste Kokum juice, it was a mixture of a sweetish concentrate and cold water. The version at Mama Kane's turned out to be a more authentic version — mixed with cumin seeds and served in a little bottle. A great cooling drink on a hot summer afternoon. The picture shows an empty bottle — that means I liked it so much that I did not leave any for you to look at. (The brown packet in the background contain 4 piping hot thalipeeth for home.)
Today I could not make it to Dadar station, so I guess I will have to wait till another Saturday comes along.

Here are some links to information on Kokum:
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How to make Kokum Juice
- Here is a fancy looking batata wada/potato chop
- A great Indian foodie blog I came across while searching for info on Kokum and Thalipeeth: One Hot Stove

And finally, a review of Mama Kane

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