Monday, November 10, 2008

The Hunt for an Image Authoring Software

When I created this blog I had decided I will not write about technology. It is what I live and breathe everyday, literally. I had made a pact with myself that if at all I feel geeky, it will be a rant of some sort or a humourous run down. But after spending a late evening at the office looking for an image authoring software, I felt I should go back on my the ol' proverbial to speak.
What I wanted to do was this:
- Create a disk image of a set of files and mount it on a virtual CD/DVD drive.
I hardly ever come across the need to do this at work and I rarely ever get to use the computer at home long enough to tinker around with such stuff. It has been a while since I did this sort of thing and as a force of habit tend to uninstall software that is used infrequently.
A couple of Google searches later, I hit upon the motherload — a list of optical disc authoring software. This list is exhaustive and the creators/editors have nicely categorized them, for noobs like me, into Freeware and Commercial ware.
I ended up choosing ImageBrn and Virtual CloneDrive. Reason? Simply because they are free, easy to use, light on the sytem, I vaguely remember using them a long time ago and they suited my needs for the moment.
Hopefully this will serve as a helping hand, a signboard showing them the way to the restroom, the compass in the wilderness they find themselves in...
(Now you know why I just had to spread the love.)

More Links: List of Disk Image Emulators, List of ISO Image Software


Droomvla said...

Goodness gracious, these terms sound so alien to me! lol Love the way you ended your blog though. hahahahaha

sarah said...

thanks for the suggestions... i see you are starting a new and private online life.... good luck with the test ;)

Aristarkhos said...

oh ha! The Traveller is back. :)
Now in gay Pah-Ree, yes?
You are most welcome. What test are you referring to? The whole image drive thing? Tested and tried. It worked like a charm.

Nothing private about it, Private! ;)
It is here for the good of humanity. For some poor hungry soul who needs to make a fake CD and a fake CD drive to play it on. So that he can have more...and yet not have them.
You are permitted to be sufficiently confused now.

Aristarkhos said...

droomvla - Love. The many splendoured thang. It makes the world go round, they say.
The lovers be a dizzy lot, I say.


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