Sunday, November 29, 2009

Graffiti on a Ten Rupee Note

My WordWeb defines 'graffiti' as "a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls" and the Merriam-Webster has it down as "usually unauthorised writing or drawing on a public surface."

These definitions are archaic, I think. Graffiti can be authorised — like the Wall Project by the BMC in Bombay, which you can read about on the Indian Express and DNA website. Graffiti can also be considered an alternate art form, a tool to express one's views in a visual way, on a completely different canvas. Idea-Smithy has photographed some of their graffiti along the Mahim–Matunga railway station wall.

The graffiti I came across was orchestrated on a 'different' canvas alright. A currency note. And it was rude. Not very, actually. Since we live in a city where we hear far worse words than "Motu, Gandu, Saala". I do not think the Books o' Law have anything on the act of writing on Indian currency notes. So there. Graffiti in its various forms. This one, on a ten rupee note. The Father of our Nation still manages to hold that smile while staring at those words..


Droomvla said...

In the Philippines, I think you can go to jail for that. IF they catch you doing it. Otherwise, you are free as a bird.

But can you tell me why you find it offensive to write graffiti on the ten rupee note? It's just a piece of paper used for trading. Don't you agree? hehehehe

Aristarkhos said...

Oh graffiti on currency notes is normal in india. Religious symbols and red dots placed while doing some ceremony, what not.
This one had words that mean, 'is fatty, something equivalent to b*rd, rascal'.
Who 'is' is yet a mystery. But it is the first time i have receivd a note with cuss words. :-)


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