Sunday, November 29, 2009

Andheri East: Chakala — A Jungle Gym

A long time ago I had posted something about the pathetic state of the road at Chakala, just off the highway in Andheri East. In that post, I had shown images of the road opposite the Guru Nanak Petrol Pump. That time the construction work for the metro was yet in its initial stages. Later on that work spread across the breadth of the road and now large dugouts and pillars have replaced what you see here. Last year, it was possible to walk to work, there was a pavement.

Notice that a year ago, one could just look down the road and see people standing outside the Maharaja Restaurant at the end of the road.

As the construction work expanded, even the pavement started being eaten up. So much so that today there is practically no pavement and pillars appear to have cropped up outside some of the buildings.

Now it is not possible to do that any more. A metal scaffolding has been built on the very stretch I took a picture of. Honestly, looking at the old pictures, it feels so weird now. I had to weave through one corner of the scaffolding to get to the other side of it and walk towards the highway. When you walk through the 'jungle gym', you do it single file.

These photos were taken from this 'other side', which is nearer to the flyover and highway.

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