Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blogger for Android

Just found this app. Hopefully more ramblings to follow. Wonder it integrates within 'Share' also...
Share via, works. Can post to blogger directly from there. Now if I could check box list and post to multiple destinations in one fell swoop...
(Added html up there, let's see if it takes that as well) the HTML tag did not work, the image didn't resize automatically to fit the column width and it didn't get published the right way up either. I can go directly to the camera mode and shoot a picture to attach to the post but there are no options to add/shorten a link, edit html (simply because there are no formatting tools available — it is a mobile version after all — and I may want to add some emphasis tags, etc. from time to time). Maybe I am asking for too much too soon.


Droomvla said...

I guess you are asking too much and too soon! lol How are you?! :)

Aristarkhos said...

hey. this comment moderation thing...not used to it. i forget to check because i'm not used to receiving ANY comments on my blog. :))

Yea, I know. too many wants. But it would be nice to have a well made app for the phone. Viewing Blogger through a mobile browser is a pain.

I'm doing alright. Dad's been in and out of hospital. work and home now take up most of my time.

how are things your side?


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