Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oodles of Noodles — Freestyle

This was cooked up late last month. It does not contain any meat (yes, I agree...there should have been some) but it is loaded with lots of yum vegetables and loads of mushrooms.

If you think the pictures are not good enough then blame the photographer for doing a lousy job!


Helena said...

Oh that looks lovely. And the picture looks good too. And the new profile photo. Suddenly you look a lot more younger. :-D

Aristarkhos said...

Hahaha! thank you - for the noodles photograph. :)
The earlier picture was of Robbie Keane - football player and former manager of Sunderland F.C.
I like him, he happens to be Irish and looks better than me. So I used to him draw you all to my blog. ;)

Aristarkhos said...

...used *him to*... :oP


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